How do I search Community Content?

The Community Tool is a powerful way to not only share your own content and learning across The Network, but also a great way for you to learn and share as well.

Learn by video:  How do I search Community Content?


From the homepage, click "Community" in the main menu


Click  the "My Community" tab


Click "Discover Content"


Within the "Community-Search" one can search content by:

  • Subject
  • Grade Level
  • Type
  • Learning Model
  • Estimated Duration
  • Proficiency Level
  • Language
  • Shared By (person/school name)


Once desired content is found, click on it

Here you can:

1. Get details

2. Preview the materials

3. Get a reference number

4. Bookmark the content

5. Add to "My Library"




When looking at content within the Echo Community, the "Details" page gives a brief overview of the content. When looking at the "Details" page one will see:

  • Subject Area
  • Duration
  • Learning Model
  • Proficiency Level
  • Language
  • Description
  • Driving Question
  • Key Words




When looking at a project within the Echo Community, the "Preview" pages allows one will see and preview all content within the project.  




Get a Reference Number


Once desired content is found in the Echo Community, one can get a reference number. Share this resource with other facilitators by copy pasting the reference number and sending it to others. This will make the content easier to find by simply pasting the reference number into the search bar when searching the community.

Bookmark the Content


Once desired content is found, one can "bookmark" it. By clicking bookmark, this content will now show up as a link on the "My Community" page, making it easier to find again.



Add to "My Library"


Once desired content is found, one can add the content to "My Library". Once content is copied to "My Library" it can added to a course by dragging and dropping it in.

Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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