How do I access the Echo101 courses?

New Tech Network has created three versions of the Echo 101 course.

Echo 101T for Teachers

Your school should have its own derivative copy of the Echo101T course. This is so that you can manage your own course and use it to onboard new staff. Because it is a derivative of the NTN master, it will continue to get updates as NTN updates the content to reflect any changes to Echo (unless edits were made to the documents which broke the link to the master).  

Ask your Echo Administrator to enroll you in the course or to generate and distribute a course registration code to make enrolling easier.  

If your school doesn't have a derivative copy of the Echo 101T course for Teachers or if you want to make a new copy, use the courseID "46779100" in the Copy Shared Course tab in course creation. How do I make a derivative course?

To learn about the Echo 201T course, click here.


Echo101A for Echo Administrators

The Echo 101A course for Echo Administrators covers how to configure and manage your school domain, create and manage user accounts, manage courses, and troubleshoot user issues. To self-enroll in the Echo 101A course for Echo Administrators, use the enrollment code "tu7d3y". How do I join a course?


Echo 101S for Students

The Echo 101S course for Students can be copied and used to provide a basic introduction to new students. To make a copy of the Echo 101S course for students, use the courseID "63124336"in the Copy Shared Course tab in course creation. How do I copy a course?


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