Habits of Highly Effective Echo Schools

The school understands “Why Echo?”

  • One of the few LMSs with an architecture and feature set aligned to Project Based Learning and other deeper learning practices

  • Organized around the assessment and reporting of student outcomes (skills) rather than assignments

  • Built to support adult learning in support of school transformation and ongoing improvement through coaching and collaboration

  • Supports a community of educators from across the country that can share, borrow and collaborate

Create an Echo Support Team

An Echo Support Team is more than one IT person.  Schools typically create a team of 2 to 4 teachers who are confident with Echo & are technology early adopters. The team typically:

  • Has Echo Help Center log-ins ( they put in help tickets for their colleagues)

  • Passes on the Echo info related to them from NTN via newsletters/emails

  • Holds “office hours”  after school or early in the morning once or twice per week for their colleagues to stop by and get Echo advice and support

  • Subscribe to the Echo YouTube Playlist & encourage teachers to do the same

  • Hold PD for the staff several times per year to answer need to knows, demonstrate features beyond the basics, introduce new features.

  • Enroll new staff in Echo 101 and monitor this course to be sure staff complete it.

  • Create a google doc/spreadsheet where teachers post questions and their colleagues collaborate for solutions

School staff is aware of and actively uses Echo Support

  • They Subscribe to Echo YouTube Playlist
  • They have built a habit of going to the Echo Help Center first to find solutions.

  • The staff is aware of who is a member of their Echo Support Team.

  • The staff seek answers for questions and concerns, asking their local Echo Support Team to submit help desk tickets on their behalf

  • Staff utilize The Community Tool to seek out projects, activities, resources and people

  • Staff has created a profile and is sharing their courses.

School Leaders are using Echo

  • School Leaders are using Echo and the School Browser Tool
  • School leaders are using Echo for Staff Communication

  • School leaders are using Echo for Professional Development

School Leaders are familiar with the Echo System Requirements

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