How do I complete my Echo Profile?

There are 3 steps to filling out your Echo Profile.

First, share it with the community.

Second, fill it out in the community.

Third, fill it out from the hompage.


Share your profile with the community


From the homepage, click the "Menu" icon.



Select "Community".



Click on the "PROFILE" tab.



Click "EDIT".



Check the box text to "Include my profile in the Community".



Fill out profile in the community


From here fill out:

  • "Profile Details"
  • "Professional Experience"
  • "Social"

When finished, click "SAVE"

Tip: Fill out profile as completely as possible.



Fill out profile from the homepage.


Click on the name in the upper right hand corner.

Select "Settings".



From here:

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Add email address
  • Choose "Full view" or "Simplified"
  • Choose "Accessibility" options
  • Choose "Community notifications"
  • Manage "LIT Privacy"
  • Set up "Notification Preferences"
  • Set up "Teacher notifications"



When profile is complete, click "SAVE".



Connecting your Twitter Account


To find the embed code to add Twitter Account follow these steps.

  • Go to twitter page
  • Click on profile picture
  • From the drop down choose "Settings and privacy"



  1. Click "Widgets"on the left side of the page under "Accounts".
  2. Click "Create new".



Choose "profile" from the dropdown menu.



  • Type in Twitter handle.
  • Choose "Embedded Timeline".



Select "Copy Code"



Go back to Echo Profile Settings.

1. Paste in code under "Twitter embed code"

2. Click "SAVE"



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.





Documentation for Prior Interface

Build your profile

  • Click on the drop down arrow next to your profile picture.
  • Choose "Settings"
Build your profile
  • Add your photo
  • Check the box "Include my profile in the Echo
  • Tell us a little about yourself ( Your state, what you teach, hobbies, anything you want to share!)
  • Fill in all of the sections.

On the second half of the page as you scroll down, you can add even more!

Add your school website, your class website or your personal blog

Connect your social media accounts ( Twitter is a bit tricky, I'll add detailed instructions at the end of this document)

Be sure "Hide courses I teach" is UN-checked

Be sure to check the verification box!

Click OK


Connecting your Twitter Account

To find the embed code to add your Twitter Account follow these steps

  • Go to your twitter page
  • Click on your profile picture
  • From the drop down choose "settings"
Connecting your Twitter Account
  1. Click Widgets, it is on the left side of your page under Accounts
  2. Click "Create new"

Choose "list" from the dropdown.


  • Type in your Twitter handle
  • Choose Embedded Timeline

Scroll down the page

Click "Copy Code"

Go back to your Echo Profile Settings.

Paste in this code under "Twitter Feed Embed Code"

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