End of Year Tasks for Echo Admins

End of Year Tasks for Echo Admins

To assist you, we’ve identified some of the key end-of-year activities into the following list so that nothing important is forgotten.

Closing Out This School Year

  • Need an export of your final grades?  Let your teacher know the date and time you will be exporting grades so that you have a complete record of student performance.  Here is how.
  • Need to move students to another domain within your district (ie:  middle school students moving to the high school)?  Don’t create new accounts, move the existing accounts so that their grades and observers stay with them.  Here is how.
  • Update your “Echo User Type” fields.  Several months ago, we added the ability to tag users as students, staff or parents.  We also provided a way to flag students who have an IEP and designate a graduation year.  These fields simplify user management and enable the School Browser and Grade Reports features to know who’s a student in your school.  Make sure your user accounts are up to date.  Here is how.
  • Clean up your Echo accounts.  Your contract with NTN includes a maximum number of “active” Echo accounts.  To make sure you don’t go over that number (or get a surprise charge at the end of the year, make sure you keep your account list clean.  This includes marking student accounts as inactive (which keeps grade data) and deleting unneeded test or parent accounts.  Here is how  
  • Update Course Terms and End Dates.  Because your teachers likely created their own courses (and because they are a creative bunch), we can assume that you have an eclectic mix of term names and end dates for your course.  Use the “bulk update” feature to establish consistency across your domain.  Here is how.   

Preparing For Next School Year

  • When you get your new student list, there is a way to import student and parent accounts quickly to the system.  Here is how.  
  • Have you added parents and connected them to their students yet?  If not, you can connect parents as observers to one, two or dozens of student accounts.  This gives them one place to check on their student’s performance in school.  Here is how.   
  • Copying this year’s courses.  In most cases, it’s best practice to create a copy of your master course rather than simply creating derivatives of your current courses.  This will prevent changes in the master from effecting past courses. Proactively instruct your teachers to copy their master course and create new derivatives before it becomes a problem.    Here is how.

IMPORTANT Note for Clever Users:

  • The Clever integration does not make a new master for the new semester or school year.  The Clever integration will only make new derivatives for the new year.  This means that teachers must “finalize” the student scores after they feel the student’s scores are locked in and before they make any changes to the master for the new semester.  If they don’t, any changes they make to the master will roll down to the past courses and could alter the student’s grades.  In the past, we have recommended teachers avoid clicking the “finalize grades” button, but in this case, it is critical that they do.

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