How do I manage Parent and Observer accounts

Echo allows you to set accounts as "observers" of other accounts.  Most commonly, this feature is used to connect parent accounts to their students or to connect resource teachers to the students they are supporting.  As an observer, a user can view course activities and grades in "read-only" mode and can't edit or create any content.


If you are the only school in your district using Echo, it is simplest to manage your parent accounts just like your staff and student accounts in your school’s domain. It is important that you designate the parent accounts as "parent"s using the “meta-EchoUserType”field as described in the documentation below to avoid exceeding your contracted user limit.”

However, if you have several schools in your district that are using Echo, consider creating a new subdomain under your district for parent accounts. Because Echo allows observers to be associated with users in different school domains, your parents can have one login that gives them access to all their students regardless of what schools the student attends. Some of the other benefits of using a separate parent domain include:

  • Simplifies account management
  • Keeps user lists more manageable
  • Allows parents to have one consistent account for multiple children in different schools even if students move between schools

If you would like to use a separate domain to manage your parent accounts, please contact the Echo Help Center and request to have a parent subdomain created.

IMPORTANT: Once the domain is created if your parents already exists in another domain, you may simply 'move' them to the new domain.  See document below on how to move users.  If you need to create new parent accounts then associate them to the student, you will use the Echo UserID of the student.  This is because the student exists in another domain.  

This Google doc will help you format the association.

Once you have decided where to create your parent accounts, please see the documentation links below to create the accounts and associate them with their students.


Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date. If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.



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