How do I log in to other domains?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

Note:  It is likely that your school doesn't have any subdomains. The description and images below are examples of a district domain that has several subdomains.

Echo Administrators at the district level can easily access the schools under their domain. It is not necessary to create multiple accounts in each of your schools.

In some cases, you may want to actually log into a school's domain directly. For example, you may need to access the School Browser to browse course agendas or content, see student’s grades, or run grade reports.  These features are not available through the Admin App and require you to log into the desired domain.

To log into another domain, simply use the URL for that domain ( and add use your existing account to log in. In order to let they system know where to find your credentials and permissions, you must add your userspace and a "/" to your users name. For example:

A user, jsmith, normally uses the URL: could use "mydistrict/jsmith" as his username to log into any subdomain of the district.

Accounts with administrator permission at the district level automatically have the same permissions in any subdomains unless otherwise configured. Accounts at the subdomain level can also be granted permissions to other subdomains or the district domain.

Below are more detailed instructions on logging into other domains.

Change the userspace URL

First, notice your domain's URL.  It includes your userspace name.  In the example below, the userspace for is "ntn-demo".

If you want to log into a different school within your district, simply change the userspace from to  

Log In

Once you have changed the userspace to the school you wish to access you are ready to login.

  • In the Username field, enter your district name followed by a slash “/” and your username. Then enter your password you always use.  
  • Example: district/testadmin then password

From here you can proxy as users, access the School Browser, and run reports.


Bookmark the school domains you will be accessing for ease of use.

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