How do I configure course options (domain settings)?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators.

The Course Options tab of the Domain Settings Panel allows Echo Administrators to define domain badges, upload rubrics, establish the learning objectives, and configure other course related settings.

In general, the default settings on this tab will meet the typical school's needs.  There are a few settings, however, that may require customization.

Below is an overview of each section on the Course Options tab.

Activity Metadata Configuration

Echo Administrators can define custom fields to the Item Editor.  There are three pre-defined fields that are used in other parts of the platform.

  • Driving Question: Allows the teacher to enter a driving question is that is visible to the students.
  • Project Description: Allows the teacher to enter a short description of the project
  • CRA & IAKT: Allows the teacher to flag activities as either College Readiness Tasks (CRA) or Individual Assessments of Knowledge and Thinking.


School may chose to create badges that can be used in courses.  Badges can be awarded to students by the teacher for successfully completing certain tasks, for mastering certain topics, or as a reward for desired behaviors. Click here to learn more about creating badges.

Question Metadata

Like the activity metadata above, Echo allows custom fields to be added to "Assessment" type activities so that questions can be flagged.  This feature is typically used by curriculum publishers.


The "Peer Feedback" activity takes advantage of rubrics to capture student feedback to their peers.  Teachers can create their own rubrics or use pre-defined rubrics created through this panel.

School Years and Grading Periods

Define the default sets of Grading Periods for your school. Schools configure school year / term, define grading periods, set current grading period as the default for all view, and set the course card to display just the current grade or to display both the current grade and the weighted final graded

Scoring Objectives

Echo Multi-Outcome Scoring gradebook leverages a set of school-wide and course outcomes.  If teachers elect to use the school-wide outcomes defined in the panel before, students will see a rollup of their outcome scores from across all of their courses.

Caution: Editing these outcomes after courses have been implemented and students work has been submitted and graded, will cause student grades to not be displayed properly.

Learning Standards

This panel gives teachers access to state, common core, NTN and other standards so that they can be more easily imported into a course.  In general, it's better to limit the standards defined here to make it easier for teachers to find the standards they are looking for.

Note: Teachers can also manually import custom standards into their course. Echo Admins can also add standards sets to the list you see in your panel.

Activity Templates

Activity templates can be defined at the domain level and used by teacher to more quickly create couse activities. Learn more about creating activity templates.

Course Templates

Course templates can be defined at the domain level to make course creation easier.  Learn more about creating course templates.

Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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