How do I configure domain options (domain settings)?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators.

The Domain Options tab of the Domain Settings Panel allows Echo Administrators to add landing page content, customize menu entries and sort order, set idle timeout, prohibit file extensions, and more.  

In general, the default settings on this tab will meet the typical school's needs.  We do not recommend that you make changes to the settings on this tab. The settings have been configured to insure that the application works best for most schools. If you are considering changes to these settings, we advise you to contact the Echo Support Team.

Below is an overview of each section on this tab.

Editor Configuration

The editor configuration options all you to customize various course authoring parameters. It allows certain type of activities to be hidden from course authors (teachers) to simplify the options teacher have. In the case below, NTN has hidden the application's native "project" item in order to not confuse the user with NTN's project folder which is more closely aligned to PBL. The survey tool is also hidden because it links to external survey tools such as SurveyMonkey that most school do not use.

It is also possible to define what domain permissions are required in order to edit the course. The default is to use the "teacher-owner" role established in the enrollment setting to control this.

Landing Page Configuration

This feature allows the Echo Admin to post content on the user's home page.  In the example below, there is an administrative posting that is currently hidden and a posting about NTAC that is visible on the homepage for everyone using the Teacher app.

Standard Menu Entries Configuration

This section allows you to customize the items that appear in the main navigation menu.  Echo Admins can change the icon, replace the menu item text, or hide the item altogether.  In the example below, we have hidden the "Links" item from the main navigation menu.

Custom Menu Entries Configuration

Custom menu items are tools that are not native to the application but have been added to the platform to perform certain features.  The "School Browser" for example, is a plug-in tool that gives staff access to courses, agendas, and student grades from across the domain.

Other Configurations

Custom Clipboard Tabs: The standard tabs for the clipboard tool are Activities, Badges, Tasks and Messages.  This feature allows custom apps or tools to be integrated with the Clipboard tool.  Third-party app can be seamlessly integrated for intervention or other personalized learning goals.

Login Redirects: Allows for configuring Echo to authenticate into third-party applications. This is helpful for institutions that want to use Buzz data in a third-party app but want the user to authenticate in Echo first.  

Default Course Navigation:  From their profile, students can elect to view the course either in full view (all folders and content displayed in a hierarchy) or a simplified view (shows only the content of the current folder). This setting determines what the user's default view will be.

Idle Timeout: This setting determines how long the application will wait before logging off after being idle an extended period of time.  

Note: if you are experience an issue with users being logged off frequently, be sure the the user has not blocked "cookies" in their browser. Echo's security token is stored in a cookie and the user will be logged off if Echo can't find it.

Prohibited File Extensions:  Administrators can define certain files and prevent them from being uploaded into Echo.

Hide Audio and Video Uploading:  In various parts of the application, Echo allows users to upload audio or video directly into Echo.  For examples, teachers can give video feedback on assignments rather than written comments.  This setting allows you to turn that feature off.

Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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