How do I configure domain integrations (domain settings)?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators.

The Integration tab of the Domain Settings Panel allows Echo Administrators to connect Echo to external tools and resources.  This includes using external authentication, connect to the user's Google Drive account, and adding external content libraries.

Below is an overview of each section on the Integrations tab.


Echo allows for an external authentication through several options including CAS, Google, and SAML. To learn more about setting up an external authentication, see How do I enable Single Sign-On (SSO) in Echo? (Admin).

Echo Administrators can also set password policies (i.e. minimum length, lockout settings, etc.) and even allow users to create their own accounts in the system.


Google Drive

Echo can integrate with the user's Google Drive and is now a seamless process where there are no configurations in Echo providing schools have already set up Google Apps for Education. To learn more, see Integrating Echo and Google Drive (Admin).

Library Extensions

Several publishers in including Khan Academy and Open Ed have made their curriculum available in Echo for free. Teachers can search for and copy lessions from these libraries into their own courses.  Other publishers charge for adding their content.  To learn more about adding extensions, see How do I manage Digital Library extensions?.  

LTI Credentials

Echo also conforms to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specifications to allow external tools and content to be integrated into courses.  A popular example is  To learn more more about LTI integrations, see How do I create activities with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)?

Also see, How do I integrate Turnitin and Echo?

Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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