How do I differentiate my course syllabus?


Before assigning a task to a specific group of students, make sure student groups have previously been created.

How do I create and manage groups?


Once student groups are created, a teacher can assign a task to a specific group of students.


From the homepage click on the "editor" tool located on the course that needs a task assigned to specific groups.


While in the course editor click on the "group settings" tab.


Choose the group set that needs to be used when assigning this task.


Choose which group is assigned a specific task by turning the visibility on or off.

Turn the visibility on or off for a specific group simply by clicking the "eye" icon. When it is red the group cannot see this task, when it is black the group can see this task and it will show up in students' table of contents as a "to do" task.


Now specific tasks have been assigned to a specific group of students. There is no option to "save" as adjustments are saved automatically.






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