What is an assessment and how do I add one to my course?

What is an Assessment?

 Assessments can be used within Echo to assess any standard, objective or learning outcome within a course. With a wide variety of settings, personalize each assessment created in a course to match course content and student needs.


How do I add an assessment to my course?


 From the homepage, click the "Editor" icon located on the course that needs an assessment added to it.


Click the "+Add to..." link.


Click "Assessment".


When creating an "Assessment" there are 8 tabs where one can adjust different settings.

  • Activity
  • Questions
  • Data
  • Objectives
  • Gradebook
  • Navigation
  • Assessment Settings
  • History




 Within the "Activity Tab":

  • Give the assessment a title
  • Add content such as instructions, an image or a video for students to view prior to starting the assessment
  • Add attachments that students might need to complete the assessment
  • Enable a calculator if needed
  • Add companion materials if needed
  • Add instructor notes to students
  • Select a specific group of students to assign the assessment to

Note: Student groups must be set up if assigning an assessment to a specific set of students before creating an assessment.




Within the "Questions" tab, begin adding questions for the assessment by clicking "+New quesiton" or "Link quesiton". Click "Link question" if you want to use pre-existing questions in this course.


Click "+New question".


There are 8 types of questions to choose from:

  • Custom
  • Essay
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Matching
  • Multiple Answer
  • Multiple Choice
  • Ordering
  • Passage


Select a question type.

Note: Each question can have a different type.


Click in the field next to the first question.

1. Type in the question.

2. Type in possible answers

3. Select the correct answer


Next you can:

  • Add feedback for each possible answer
  • Delete a possible answer
  • Lable the possible answers
  • Add question groups
  • Attach standards/objectives to the question


Continue to click "+New question" to add questions to the assessment. Follow the steps above to do so.

Click "Save" when the assessment is complete.




 Within the "Data" tab add a thumbail, Metadata description or CRA and IAKT activities.




WIthin the "Objectives" tab select objectives that align with the assessment.

Note: Objectives must be imported into the course prior to adjusting this setting for an assesment.




 Within the "Gradebook" tab select

  • Gradable
  • Due date


1. Within the "Gradable" category select:

  • "Include" from the "Category" drop down menu
  • The learning outcome and its weight for this assessment
  • A passing score
  • Minumum points possible
  • If the score from this assessment: will have visibility restricted by date, can be dropped, will be included in final grade, requires a passing score for course credit, if an unscored assessment will be a zero.


2. Within the "Due Date" category select:

  • A due date and time
  • Allow late sumbissions if desired



Assessment Settings

 Within the "Assessment Settings" tab adjust the following settings:

  • Assessment
  • Review
  • Pool
  • Advanced


1. Within "Assessment" select:

  • Number of attempts each student has to take the assessment
  • If studnets are allowed to save and continue (this will allow students to leave the assessment, and come back later)
  • If answers are requried before submitting
  • How many questions will be displayed on each page of the assessment
  • If questions should be in random order (this will make questions appear in a different order for each student)
  • If responses shouold appear in random order.


2. Within "Review" select:

  • If question results will be desplayed
  • If students' answers are displayed
  • If question score is displayed
  • If correct questions are displayed
  • If correct choices are displayed
  • if feedback is displayed


3. What is a Pool?

The pool tab allows the facilitator to have a pool of questions that the system will draw on to create the assessment. Many will leave this blank and create their own quesitons for the assessment under the "Questions" tab. If this assessment is used by the district, this would be an ideal way to create massive question banks.

Within "Pool" select:

  • Desired number of questions the assessment is to have
  • By groups (if there are several groups of questions)
  • By learning objectives, then how many quesitons per learning objective
  • By question type, then how many quesitons there will be per type


4. Within "Advanced" select:

  • A time limit, allow for printing, hide quesiton "Back" button, show question review flags
  • Default quesiton score, if it is formative, include formative assessments in final grade or if it is a remediation assessment
  • Minimum attempts
  • Scored attempt: first, last, highest or average, start the assessment automatically
  • An exam template if one has been created
  • A password if students need one to begin assessment




Once the assessment has been take, assessment history will show up in the "History" tab.






Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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