What is a peer assessment and how do I add one to my course?

What is a peer assessment?

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A peer assessment is an activity used to allow students to evaluate classmates' performance using a rubric provided the teacher.

How do I add a peer assessment to my course?


From the homepage, click the "Editor" icon located on the course that needs a peer assessment added to it.


Click the "+Add to..." link.


Click "peer assessment".


When adding a "peer assessment" there are a few steps that need to be taken:

  • Add an activity Title
  • Add a rubric (choose an existing NTN rubric for any grade level, edit/adjust the rubric to fit the needs of the assignment)
  • Choose to: allow self-assessment, require student comments, hide student feedback, let students self-group, assign to course groups

Once filled in click "OK".


Now the peer assessment activity shows within the "editor tool" of the course.

There are more settings that can be adjusted within this activity.

To begin adjusting these settings click the "editor" icon located next to the "peer assessment" activity.


Within the "editor tool" for this activity there are 7 tabs where one can adjust different settings.

  • Activity
  • Data
  • Objectives
  • Gradebook
  • Navigation
  • Peer Assessment Settings
  • History





 Within the "activity tab":

  • Title will show up because it was added in the previous step
  • Add content such as instructions, an image or a video for students to view prior to starting the activity
  • Add attachments that students might need to go with the peer assessment
  • Add instructor notes to students
  • Select a specific group of students to assign the activity to

Note: Student groups must be set up before assigning this activity to a specific group of students.





Within the "data" tab add a thumbnail, metadata description or CRA and IAKT activities.




Within the "objectives" tab select objectives that align with the peer assessment.

Note: Objectives must be imported into the course prior to adjusting this setting for an assignment.




Within the "gradebook" tab select:

  • Enable gradebook settings (if desired)
  • Gradable
  • Due date


1. Within the "gradable" category select:

  • "Include" from the "category" drop down menu
  • The learning outcomes and their weight for this activity
  • Enable student dropbox
  • Choose groups of students to view the peer assessment
  • A passing score
  • Minimum points possible
  • If the score from this peer assessment: will have visibility restricted by date, can be dropped, will be included in final grade, requires a passing score for course credit, if an unscored peer assessment will be a zero.


2. Within the "due date" category select:

  • A due date and time
  • Allow late submissions if desired



Peer Assessment Settings

Within the "peer assessment settings" tab:

  • The title given previously will appear
  • Edit or delete the rubric previously chosen
  • Choose to: allow self assessment, require student comments, hide student feedback, let students self group, assign to course groups

Note: All of these items may have been completed in a previous step.




Once the assignment has been accessed, history will show up in the "history" tab.






Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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