Echo Tips & Tricks: 2017-2018

Here you will find all of the Echo announcements for the 2017-2018 school year.

1. Echo's "?"

Have an Echo question? The Echo help center is right at your fingertips! Click the "?" located in the upper right hand corner or at the bottom of the main menu when logged into Echo. Type in keywords and you will be directed to many articles with step by step guides on answering your Echo questions.


2. Activity Editor Updates

Activity editors in Echo are updating to match Echo's new interface during September 2017. Get ready for the change by checking out the updates ahead of time.


3. Activity Templates

Want to make your life easier? Check out how to make activity templates to easily format assignments that you are spending too much time recreating.

4. Giving Feedback

Giving student feedback in Echo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Giving student feedback is a way to support a growth mindset and student agency. Within Echo, there are three unique ways to give student feedback.

5. Parent Resources

Keep your parents connected with the learning happening in your course by sharing with them our parent/observer resources.

6. Echo Community Campaign

Join us in our mission to get 2,600 NTN members in the Echo Community by simply filling out and sharing your profile. The rewards are endless.

7. NTAC 2018 Call for Sessions

Call for session proposals is now open! New Tech Network is now accepting proposals for NTAC 2018 sessions.

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    Mark Adams

    How do students view the comments? There doesn't appear to be a very obvious way. Or am I missing something?

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