Auditing Echo User Accounts

Below are steps which will guide you through exporting your users and validating your data for importing updates.  Your contract with NTN includes a maximum number of ‘active’ Echo Accounts.  To make sure you don’t go over that number (or get a surprise charge at the end of the year) make sure you keep your user list clean.  

Step 1: Export Users

Export your users in a csv formatted file that will be used in Step 2.  The csv export has all necessary column headings required for importing, Learn More.

Step 2: Account Updates

Now that you have your export, check that all users have an Echo User Type of (Staff, Parents, Student). Students have a Grad Year, and set students to Inactive (which keeps grade data) if they have moved on. Parents should be removed if the student has moved on. Note: you can use the Last Login Date to help determine account status.  

How do I Update User Information? 

Step 3: Importing Updates

Using the file created in Step 2 import your users.  How do I Import Users

Step 4: (optional) Staff access to other domains

Do you have staff that need access to other domains? They don’t need multiple accounts they can simply use their current account to log into the other domain’s.  Learn how: How do I log into other domains?

Step 5: (optional) Moving users to another domain

Do you have staff that need to be moved to another domain? This document will show you how. How do I move users from one domain to another?

Step 6: (optional) Parent account management

To help manage your parent account one might want to consider creating a separate Parent Domain. Here is a document that talks about why this may work for your district.

How do I manage Parent and Observer accounts?


Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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