We have simplified our integration with Google Drive!

We know that a seamless and secure Google Drive integration is imperative to many of our Echo users. Until now, each customer had to obtain their own Google Client ID and set up their own integrations (learn more). Starting Nov. 2, 2017, all domains will be able to inherit and use a top-level, Google-approved integration with Echo

Why are we updating our Google Drive integration?

As part of their ongoing efforts to ensure security, Google now displays a warning message when accessing Google Drive from an un-verified app (see https://support.google.com/cloud/answer/7454865?hl=en for more details)

While our previous approach provided a secure integration, it did not provide a way to verify the app with Google, so end-users see this warning screen. To eliminate unnecessary concern, we are updating our integration to ensure end-users no longer receive this message.


Google Drive integration may require you to allow popups from Echo

End-users who attempt to attach a Google document without first logging into Google must allow pop-ups from the Echo site to allow Google to prompt them for their Google Drive credentials. If pop-ups are blocked, end-users will get an “Unable to communicate with Google Drive” error in Echo.


To allow popups from Echo, click the "pop-up blocked" icon in your address bar, click the "Always allow pop-ups from ..." radio button, and click Done.


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