How do I use Require a Passing Score?

Teacher can elect to make an activity a mandatory assignment for the course (require a passing score for course credit). If a student doesn't receive a passing score on the assignment, their grade will go to 0% until a passing score is earned. This option is only suitable for high stakes tasks that are absolutely necessary to assess student performance.

When editing an activity, click on the Settings tab. Scroll down to Advanced Gradebook Options and expand the section. Click the checkbox for "require a passing score for course credit."

Activities that require a passing score for course credit are also denoted by the "pointing finger" icon in the student's gradebook. Hovering over the icon reveals that the particular activity requires a passing score for course credit.

When the student is not passing the assignment, their overall grade will appear as 0% even though they have scores in other activities. This is a good indicator that they are not passing a "required" assignment.

The activity that requires a passing score with a non-passing grade will be denoted be a red "thumbs down" icon.

 If this is by error, uncheck the checkbox for "require a passing score for course credit" in activity settings. If the student needs to pass this activity, then you may want to allow resubmissions in order for them to have another chance at the activity.



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