How do I enter grades?

Use the Gradebook tool

Grade students individually

From the homepage, click on the Gradebook icon in a course card.

Click on the Activities tab in the gradebook.

Click on the title of an assignment that needs grading.

Click on a student's name to be taken to their individual grade page for the assignment.

1. Under Content is where the student's submission appears.

2. Enter grades for each outcome. (How do I excuse a student from one outcome?)


  • Save Draft - saves the score to the teacher perspective of the gradebook and will be denoted by an orange pin with the message "score not yet returned to student"
  • Submit Score - score will be published to the gradebook and students will see their score immediately
  • Excuse - excuses the student from the entire activity
  • Allow Retry - allows the student to retry their submission to the assignment
  • Override Complete - If the activity was designed to require students to successfully complete it before they can continue to other activities, you can use Override Complete to remove that requirement for the student. Once selected, Override Complete reads Un-complete; click it to undo the override


  • Feedback (Visible to Student) - expand the arrow in this section to write visible feedback to the student
  • Private Note (Not Visible to Student) - expand the arrow in this section to write a hidden note


Once this page is saved, the page will automatically load to the next student in the activity list to be graded.

Quick-edit grading

Quickly enter grades for multiple students in an activity by enabling quick-edit grading.


Click on the "enable quick-edit grading" button (lightning icon) at the top of the activity grading page.

Now it's possible to enter multiple scores for multiple students at once. Click Save to save a draft of the scores, or click Submit All Scores to immediately publish all scores to the gradebook for students to view.

Batch update scores

Click on the Tools (wrench) icon to bring up the dropdown for additional options when on an activity grading page. Click on Batch Update Scores.

Using batch update, auto-fill or excuse scores for all students.

1. From the dropdown menu, choose which kind of entries will be updated (unscored, scored, or all). Note that if "unscored" is chosen, then any entry that has an existing score will be unaffected by the batch update

2. By default "return score to students" is checked

3. Click OK to confirm



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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