How do I customize my Students tool?

The Students tool gives you access to tons of data

To choose which student data points you want displayed on the people page:

  1. Navigate to the Students tool using the Main Menu.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Select Visible Columns.

From the Visible Columns window, select which of the following data points to display:

  • Score displays each student’s overall percentage.
  • Time displays the total amount of time each student has spent on course activities.
  • Self Assessment displays self-reported evaluation results in the areas of Understanding, Interest, and Effort.
  • Self Assessment Changed Date reports the date and time the most recent Self Assessment was reported.
  • Progress indicates how far along each student is in completing available course activities.
  • Mastery displays how well each student is performing against course objectives.
  • Online indicates whether students are online or not.
  • Pace displays how well each student is keeping up in the course using green, yellow, and red color indicators.
  • Gradebook displays how well each student is scoring on course activities using green, yellow, and red color indicators.
  • Badges displays badges earned by each student.
  • Today displays each student’s activity for the day.
  • Failed displays the number of failed activities.
  • Late displays the number late activities.

Customizing your Students tool to display the critical data will help you focus on the right areas of student progress.


  • The Clipboard tool enables you to take quick coaching steps from any page in Echo.
  • The Self Assessment tool gives students a simple, low-risk way to communicate powerful information with you.
  • You can sort your students by course in the Students tool by clicking Group by Course in Options.
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