How do I customize the People tool?

Customizing the People tool to display the critical data will help you focus on the right areas of student progress.

Navigate to the People tab using the Main Menu.

To choose which student data points you want displayed on the people page:

Click on the gear icon to access display options.

Click on "edit visible columns."

From the Visible Columns window, select which of the following data points to display:

  • Accommodations displays (flag) icon indicates whether a student has notes recorded about their specific situation or needs.
  • Score displays each student’s overall percentage.
  • Time displays the total amount of time each student has spent on course activities.
  • Self Assessment displays self-reported evaluation results in the areas of Understanding, Interest, and Effort.
  • Self Assessment Changed Date reports the date and time the most recent Self Assessment was reported.
  • Progress indicates how far along each student is in completing available course activities.
  • Mastery displays how well each student is performing against course objectives.
  • Online indicates whether students are online or not.
  • Pace displays how well each student is keeping up in the course using green, yellow, and red color indicators.
  • Performance uses a student's overall course score and the student's performance on the five most recent activities to assess how well the student is performing in the course.
  • Gradebook displays how well each student is scoring on course activities using green, yellow, and red color indicators.
  • Badges displays badges earned by each student.
  • Today displays each student’s activity for the day.
  • Failed displays the number of failed activities.
  • Late displays the number late activities.


  • The Clipboard tool enables you to take quick coaching steps from any page in Echo.
  • The Self Assessment tool gives students a simple, low-risk way to communicate powerful information with you.




Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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