How do I score student work in the gradebook?

The Grade Editor allows you to make changes to a specific student’s score on a specific activity

Accessing the Grade Editor

You will use the Grade Editor in many instances; the most common ways to access it include:

  • Selecting an activity directly from the To-do List.
  • Opening the Gradebook tool and in the Gradebook, clicking the cell where a specific student and activity meet (shown below).
  • Opening the Gradebook tool, selecting a student name in Gradebook, clicking Grades, and clicking an assignment row.

Grading with the Grade Editor

The Grade Editor is made up of two panels.

  1. The student panel displays information about the activity for the selected student regarding the activity:
    • Click the activity title under the student's name to preview the activity without leaving the grader.
    • Content displays the completed activity if available; for some activities, you can adjust scores on individual questions where necessary.
    • Score/Activity History tracks all activity attempts, time spent, and grading activity beginning with the first attempt.
  2. The grading panel allows you to edit the following components of the grade:
    • Assign points per SWLO
    • Full Credit automatically assigns full points, No Credit assigns zero points, and Clear removes all points.
    • Save Draft allows you to save the data you’ve entered without submitting the score, so you can return and edit later.
    • Submit Score saves the grade to the Gradebook where the student can see it.
    • Excuse removes any requirement for the student to complete the activity; excusing a student from an activity saves an X to the Gradebook for that activity and doesn’t count it when calculating the student’s score. Once selected, Excuse reads Un-excuse; click it to undo the excuse. Note: If you need to excuse just one outcome and not the entire activity, enter an "X" in the blank field for that outcome.
    • Allow Retry does just that; the student can see that a retry has been permitted, but you may want to send them a message to notify them. Once selected, Allow Retry reads Un-allow Retry; click it to undo the allowance.
    • If you’ve designed the activity to require students to successfully complete it before they can continue to other activities, you can use Override Complete to remove that requirement for the student. Once selected, Override Complete reads Un-complete; click it to undo the override.
    • You can edit the Feedback and Private Note fields in the same way, but notice that the Feedback is visible to the student and the Private Note is just for you; with these fields, you can enter and style text, add hyperlinks, add images, insert equations, and create and insert template feedback comments to expedite the grading process.

To continue to the next student in the gradebook, click Save Draft, Submit Score, or Excuse buttons in the grading panel on the right. You can also click the next student's name at the top (this will not modify anything on the current student's grade editor page).


  • Echo previews submissions under the Content tab in the formats listed here. Because the preview function depends on third party tools, support for the listed file types may change or vary depending upon changes made by the preview tool provider:
    • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
    • Microsoft Office (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
    • PDFs (.pdf)
    • Images (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, ,png, .svg)
    • And more (.3gpp, .avi, .bmp, .eps, .mov, .mpeg4, .mpegps, .mts, .ps, .py, .tiff, .txt, .xml)

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  • Create feedback templates to save time grading while still providing thoughtful feedback.
  • With the Activity Grader you are able to toggle between students without closing the window.
  • When adding images with text editors in Echo, you are able to resize the image to best fit your needs.
  • When you give an activity a score and choose Save Draft, an orange pushpin appears next to it in various locations.
  • 4 Common Gradebook Errors-YouTube Video



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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  • 0
    Mark Adams

    When does an assignment appear in the "To Do" section? I assumed that work appeared there whenever students submitted an assignment, re-submitted an assignment, or submitted an assignment when late. That doesn't always seem to happen, which makes it difficult to track student work. Is there a setting I need to address?

  • 0
    Theresa Shafer

    Use the To-do List to see what your students have submitted and what you need to grade. By default, your students' To-do List displays past-due assignments and assignments with due dates coming up within seven days.  If you have an assignment where that is not happening, please submit a ticket to the Help Center and let them know the exact course and assignment. Thanks

  • 1
    Stephanie Hollingsworth

    Can we excuse a certain portion of an assignment? In the screenshot I have attached to this I have a student who has not/will not be able to present through no fault of their own. They have done the work, but it keeps giving them a zero for oral communication.

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