How do I use the student grader?




  • Mark Adams

    When does an assignment appear in the "To Do" section? I assumed that work appeared there whenever students submitted an assignment, re-submitted an assignment, or submitted an assignment when late. That doesn't always seem to happen, which makes it difficult to track student work. Is there a setting I need to address?

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Use the To-do List to see what your students have submitted and what you need to grade. By default, your students' To-do List displays past-due assignments and assignments with due dates coming up within seven days.  If you have an assignment where that is not happening, please submit a ticket to the Help Center and let them know the exact course and assignment. Thanks

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  • Stephanie Hollingsworth

    Can we excuse a certain portion of an assignment? In the screenshot I have attached to this I have a student who has not/will not be able to present through no fault of their own. They have done the work, but it keeps giving them a zero for oral communication.

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