How do I use Course Home pages?

Visiting your Course Home pages often is the easiest way to keep on top of your classes

Each of your courses has its own Course Home as part of the Activities tool; you can access it in one of the following ways:

  • Select the course’s Course Card from the Home page.
  • Select Activities from the Main Menu when you’re in the desired course; if you’re not already in a course, you will have to select the course you want.

On a Course Home page you can:

  • Review course announcements in the top left of the screen.
  • Review, open, and complete (where allowed) upcoming and past-due activities in the To-do List below Announcements.
  • Review, access, and complete (where allowed) all course activities from the course sidebar navigation below the To-do List.
  • Review Course Links in the toolbar to review resources that your teacher has marked as significant for the entire course.
  • Check your current course score.
  • Review any messages your teacher has posted for the course below the course title.
  • Review and open your Last Visited activity as well as the activity that is Up Next.
  • Review your course actions, starting from the most recent, using the Activity Stream below your Last Visited and Up Next; click the posts to open the activity, badge, or announcement listed.


  • Notice that as you open activities from anywhere in a Course Home, the Course Home button remains in the toolbar as an easy way back.
  • Once you’ve selected an activity from the Course Home, you can use the forward and back arrows in the toolbar to browse course activities.
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