How do I update Echo Theme Options?

Theme Colors

By default, all theme colors are available to users to select. Administrators can define the themes colors that are available for the users to choose. The theme colors are listed in the table below.

Name Color (dark Version)
Red #880E4F
Pink #880E4F
Purple #4A148C
DeepPurple #311B92
Indigo #1A237E
Blue #0D47A1
LightBlue #01579B
Cyan #006064
Teal #004D40
Green #1B5E20
LightGreen #33691E
Lime #827717
Amber #FF6F00
Orange #E65100
DeepOrange #BF360C
Brown #3E2723
Grey #212121
BlueGrey #263238
HighContrast red, white

Theme Backgrounds

By default, all theme background images are available to users. Administrators can define the theme backgrounds that are available for the users to choose, as well as provide additional backgrounds. The default available theme backgrounds are displayed in the table below.

Name Image
Stars Stars
Elephants Elephants
Birds Birds
Umbrella Umbrella
Diamonds Diamonds
Television Television
Football Football
Baseball Baseball
Aurora Aurora
Electronics Electronics
Fish Fish
Grassy Texture Grassy Texture
Kitten Kitten
Soccer Soccer
Boat Boat
Books In Field Books In Field
Golf Golf
Rays Rays
Winter Sunrise Winter Sunrise


  • Domain configuration is inherited by all subdomains unless explicitly overwritten by a subdomain.
  • For better display on high-density screen, store any image with a resolution two times the rendered size. For better performance, store large images as a compressed JPG files.

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