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  • Logan Reichert

    How do you set up the What If calculator?


  • Stephanie Kolcun

    Good Day Logan

    The What If Calculator is only available if you are NOT using the MOS gradebook. However, if you are not the feature is found under Options from the Students Performance page.  It allows students to enter hypothetical grades on items to see how it will impact their course final grade.  This helps them to know where they would need to do better to get a higher grade for example. -Stephanie


  • Logan Reichert

    Thanks for the quick response! Is there a plan for the What If calculator to become available for use with the MOS gradebook? It would be an extremely beneficial function for our students to access.

  • Stephanie Kolcun

    If you would like to make a formal request for this feature, please feel free to open an Echo support ticket and this will help us track this request.  -Stephanie 

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