Echo System Requirements and Staff Training Guidelines

Please review this document to ensure that your users are able to fully utilize the online tools employed by New Tech Network schools. Note that these requirements and recommendations may change over time and NTN may require the assistance of your organization’s IT staff in the future to ensure that staff and students enjoy continued access to products and services available for NTN schools.


Echo Staff Training Guidelines

When transitioning to a new Learning Management System, it is important there is support in place for the staff and that they understand why the change was made.

We have a number of supports in place for your staff:

  • The Echo Help Center is available for all staff to search for answers as they explore Echo.  It includes step by step documentation.
  • Each school will have 2-4 staff members who can log into the Echo Help Center to put in Help Desk Tickets for staff
  • We have an Echo 101 self-paced course for your staff to enroll in.
  • You Tube "Echo Resource" videos are also available. You may subscribe to this channel.

Two Essential Documents

  • Habits of Highly Successful Echo Schools:  This document will assist you in planning the ongoing training and support for your teachers with Echo.
  • "Are You Echo Ready": We recommend that every staff member in your school be giving access to this document. It is a summary of all of the important steps for beginning Echo use.

Echo Administrator Responsibilities

Each New Tech school is required to have a user that is accessible to their staff during normal business hours who is trained in Echo troubleshooting and maintenance. Echo staff provides training for Administrators during the New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC) each year. It is imperative that an Echo Administrator be hired before this conference and be available to attend the training.

Echo Administrator Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • User account management (creation, inactivation, cleanup, password resets)
  • Course Creation
  • Course Enrollment
  • Google Apps Administration (Optional)
  • Providing user support for Echo and handle incoming staff, student and parent help requests
  • Running data export reports for Echo grade data (when requested by onsite staff)
  • Interfacing with Echo support for issues requiring further attention

Echo Administrators are preferred to have prior experience with computer troubleshooting/support.Technology support staff must maintain a commitment to delivering maximum uptime and proper functioning of the school LAN, district/organization WAN, and related technologies. This includes providing responsive desktop support for staff and students and verifying that all segments of the network between the classroom and the Internet connection are performing optimally.

District/Organization Network Requirements

Service Description

IP Address


TCP Port & Protocol


N/A (multiple)

* (WRT Google Docs)

443 / 80 (TCP)

Echo (ftp)

21 (TCP)

Google Apps

N/A (multiple)*****

80 (TCP) & 443 (TCP)

Google Talk


443 (TCP) & 5552 (TCP)

* Google services are "if applicable." Recommendation for all Google services: <anything> should be open/unrestricted.




443 (TCP)


80 (TCP), 443 (TCP),17990 (TCP)

The table includes configuration information needed to ensure the proper functioning of sites and software typically used by NTN. Please verify that the IP addresses and hostnames listed below are unrestricted by any network security devices on your LAN/WAN. All ports listed are outbound only.

**note - Google Talk, Skype, and Vidyo services are necessary for teachers/staff users only (not students)

Site Infrastructure Requirements

  • Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to support all current applications in addition to the NTN Echo platform. NTN recommends that your bandwidth usage not currently exceed 75% of capacity during peak hours. A general minimum guideline is 3Mbps bandwidth per 100 users.
  • Modify any configurations in district networking hardware/software (firewalls, proxies, content filters, etc.) to ensure the services listed in the above table are available for users at your school.


Computer and Web Browser Requirements





PC (Windows)

x86/x64 processor

1 GB +

Windows Latest Version

Java Latest Version

Staff systems only:
Webcam and Microphone

Apple (Mac)

Intel processor

Mac OSX Latest Version

Your systems must be running one of the following web browsers:

Internet Explorer




PC (Windows)

Latest Version

Latest Version

Latest Version


Apple (Mac)


Latest Version

Chromebook (ChromeOS)




Browser Configurations:

  • Popups and cookies are enabled for all services and URLs listed on the first page of this document
  • Your machine image is tested to ensure that Echo runs properly with default settings prior to deploying that image to your client computers


Echo supports the following browsers:

Screensize: Minimum width of 1024 px



  • For the best Echo experience, keep your browser updated. Although your browser should prompt you to install updates as they arise, you can ensure you're using the most current version by downloading and installing the most recent release.

Please ensure that the following configurations and software installations are present on your machine images and in your network/group policy as necessary:

Pre-installed Software Requirements:

  • Adobe Flash is installed on teacher and student machines
  • Skype Latest Version is installed on teacher machines
  • Google Talk or compatible IM client is installed on teacher machines


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