How do I view a student’s progress?


To see how a student is progressing in all courses, click the "Grades" option from the main menu.


Within the "Grades" view, one can see:

1. Overall student progress in relation to school wide learning outcomes across all courses.

2. Student's self assessment for each course.

3. Overall score for each course.

4. Progress on gradable activities for each course.

5. Progress on all activities for each course.

6. Progress towards learning outcomes for each course.

Click on a course name for a more detailed view.



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.



Documentation for Prior Interface

The Performance tool enables you to track student progress in many specific areas

To view a student's progress, open the Performance tool from the Main Menu.

If the student is enrolled in multiple courses and you have all courses selected in the Course Chooser, Buzz shows you an overview of their progress in all courses and past courses, including:

  • The Self Assessment heart indicator for each course.
  • The overall score.
  • The overall progress on completing gradable activities.
  • The overall progress on completing all activities.

The toolbar on this screen allows you to:

  • Modify what is displayed in the table using Options; click the column headers to sort the data by that category.  
  • Print this summary.

View progress details for each course

To view detailed progress in a course, open the Performance tool from the Main Menu and click the course or select it from the Course Chooser. Here, you find:

  • The Grades view, which shows a student’s overall percentage; how many quizzes are left to complete; and the due date, submission date, status, and the student’s individual score on every graded activity. You can choose to view the information organized by Periods and Categoriesor Syllabus Order. From this view, you can also print a student's grades.
  • The For Me view, which displays any activities a student has created or chosen or that a teacher has created specifically for a student.
  • The Activity view, which tracks each activity a student has worked in, when they started working on it, and how long they’ve spent in it.
  • The Objective Mastery view, which displays each activity, the learning objectives they are aligned with, and how well a student seems to be mastering those objectives.
  • The Badges view, which displays any awards a student has earned.
View progress details for each course


  • You can quickly review overall course scores using the Course Cards on the Home page.
  • Because teachers and students have access to this same data, you can use this information as a starting point for conversations with them about grades.
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