How do I use Course Home pages?

Visiting Course Home pages often is the easiest way to see how well a student is staying on top of classes

Each course has its own Course Home as part of the Activities tool; you can access it in one of the following ways:

  • Select the course’s Course Card from the Home page.
  • Select Activities from the Main Menu when you’re in the desired course; if you’re not already in a course, you will have to select the course you want.

On a Course Home page you can:

  • Review course announcements in the top left of the screen.
  • Review upcoming and past-due activities in the To-do List below Announcements.
  • Review all course activities from the course sidebar navigation below the To-do List.
  • Review Course Links in the toolbar to review resources that a teacher has marked as significant for the entire course.
  • Check the current course score.
  • Review any messages a teacher has posted for the course below the course title.
  • Review a student’s Last Visited activity as well as the activity that is Up Next.
  • Review a student’s course actions, starting from the most recent, using the Activity Stream; click the posts to open the activity, badge, or announcement listed.


  • Notice that as you open activities from anywhere from a Course Home, the Course Home button remains in the toolbar as an easy way back.
  • Once you’ve selected an activity on the Course Home, you can use the forward and back arrows in the toolbar to browse course activities.
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