Teacher App Overview


The image below is of the Teacher App as a user when they first log in. There are several icons that allow the users to access Echo's features.

For a basic Teacher App navigation overview, watch this video.

  1. Main Navigation Menu: The three lines in the upper left corner open the main navigation menu that allows for navigation to tools and courses. This icon is sometimes referred to as the "hamburger" menu or "pancakes" menu. See below for more information.
  2. Manage Courses Button:  The manage course button allows the user to create new courses or hide existing courses from the homepage.
  3. Contextual Help:  The help button knows where the user is in the application and will suggest topics that might answer a question the user has or problem the user is experiencing.
  4. Needs Grading: This icon will display the number of student submissions that are waiting to be scored. Clicking the icon will take the user to a page where the submissions can be scored.
  5. Announcements: This icon will display the number of unread announcements waiting to be read.  Click the icon will take the user to the announcements page.


Once the user has been enrolled as a teacher in courses, the user's workspace contains a course card for each course. Derivative courses (i.e. sections) are placed under each master.


The Teacher App is made up of several tools or pages. You can quickly switch to different tools or to a course using the Main Navigation Menu.  

  • Home: The Home tool displays the course cards for any enrollments.
  • Needs Grading:  The Needs Grading tool lists the assignments submitted by students that are waiting to be scored.
  • Notes: Notes is a feature that must be turned on at the domain level by an Echo administrator. Notes allows student to take notes on course content.
  • Communications:  The Communication tool allows teachers to quickly email their students or the parents.
  • Calendar: The Calendar tool allows you to see upcoming activities and due dates.
  • People:  The People tool displays all of the students enrolled in the user's course(s) and provides information on their performance.  
  • Clipboard: The Clipboard tool allows teachers to identify individuals or groups to target differentiated activities, award badges, and more.
  • Community:  The Community tool connects you to other Echo users and gives you access to the library of shared projects and curriculum.
  • NTN Resource Library: The NTN Resource Library is a feature available to all NTN members where one can access all of our available resources.
  • School Browser:  The School Browser tool allows school staff to view student grades across all courses, see course agendas from all courses, print progress reports and export grade data.




Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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