How do I view my progress?

The Gradebook tool enables you to track your progress in many specific areas

  1. If you are enrolled in multiple courses and have all courses selected in the Course Chooser, Echo shows you an overview of your progress in all of your courses and past courses, including:
  2. Your Self Assessment heart indicator for each course; click them to make changes.
  3. Your overall score.
  4. Your overall progress on completing gradable activities.
  5. Your overall progress on completing all activities.

The toolbar on this screen allows you to:

  • Modify what is displayed in the table using Options; click the column headers to sort the data by that category.  
  • Print this summary.


  • You can quickly review your overall score in each course using the Course Cards on the Home page.
  • Because your teachers have access to this same data, you can use this information as a starting point for conversations about your Gradebook.
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