Integrating Echo and Google Drive

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

This document describes how to create a Google Client ID so that  Echo users can easily access Google Drive documents (Google docs) as they participate in a course. You will need to have an Echo Admin account to complete this task.


Google Account

You must have a Google account to accept Google's terms of service for accessing Google Drive from within Echo. As part of the standard Google security and authentication process, Google provides this account's e-mail address to each end-user before they attempt to access Google Drive in Echo.

You can use any account that has Super Admin rights in Google.  Our suggested best practice would be to create an account that is only used for authenticating access to Echo.  You will need this email address and the password for the next step.

If you use your own account for this project, you run the risk of breaking the integration if your leave and your account is disabled.

Log into Google APIs

Google has a console that allows you to configure any application, such as Echo, to access Google services through their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Echo contains code that accesses Google Drive services, but you must enable that code to run in your Echo domain by agreeing to Google's terms of service and setting up a link between Echo and Google by creating a Google API Project.

With the account that you will be using for authentication, log in

API Dashboard

You will be presented with the following API dashboard.  Please note this is an example as your dashboard may appear differently.

Create a Project

  • Click on the down arrow from the upper menu bar
  • Click on the plus sign to Create Project

Create a name for your project and click Create

Enable Google Drive API

Click on Enable

Under Google Apps APIs, click on Drive API

Enable Google Drive API

About this API

Click Enable

Create Credentials

In order for Echo to access Google Drive, you will need credentials (Client ID).  

  1. Click on Create credentials
  2. Click on Help me Choose
Create Credentials

Add credentials to your project

Select Google Drive API

  • Select Web Browser (Javascript) from dropdown
  • Click on User Data
  • Click on What credentials do I need?


Four URLs must be added to the Authorized Javascript Origins list.

1.    Use the following URLs, replacing "xxxx" with your school's userspace.  (Look at the URL that you use to access Echo - the part before "" is the userspace for your school.

 Each URL must be added separately. 

NOTE:  If you are entering this client ID at the district Domain, you will need to add these Four URLs for each subdomain (School) that is under you.

2.  Click on Create client ID

  1. Enter or update values for Email and Product Name
  2. Click Continue
  1. Copy the Client ID to Notepad or Word to use later
  2. Click on Done


Configuring Echo

Log into Echo as the Echo Administrator

  1. From the Domain Tool Details
  2. Click on Settings (Three Dot's) on the right side
  3. Select Edit settings
  1. Click on the Integrations Tab
  2. Paste the Client ID (If there is already an ID there, paste over it)
  3. Save

Check the Integration

  1. Log out of Echo (this allows for the new settings to be loaded)
  2. Log back in and select the Teacher App
  3. Create a resource using the course editor.   Attach a document using the Google Link.

Success will be indicated, when you are ask to agree to the terms of service, and are then allowed access to your Google Drive

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