How to Set Up a Google Apps for Education Domain

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

If your school is unsure of how to create a Google Apps for Education domain account, please see the following instructions. We recommend an IT administrator handle this process.

Decide on a Domain and Purchase

Your school will need to choose a unique domain for Google Apps for Education. Someone will need to purchase this domain from a hosting service, like GoDaddy for example. Once your school has decided on a domain and purchased it through a hosting service, someone will need to sign up for a Google Apps for Education account using that domain.

Sign Up for Google Apps for Education Using the Purchased Domain

Once the domain is purchased, you will need to sign up for a new Google Apps account with the name of the domain. (Please see the step below if you already have a Google Apps domain established). Use this link to get started:

At some point your school will need to prove ownership of that domain with Google (generally done through MX records, found through the hosting service). It's possible for Google to take a while to establish this kind of account, so I recommend whoever goes through this process work closely with Google to ensure the domain is upgraded as soon as possible (usually by calling their support line). A non-upgraded version of Google Apps will only allow for 10 users. Google Apps for Education is a free upgrade.

Here's an FAQ for more information on Google Apps from Google Support:


Already Have a Domain?

If your school already has an established Google Apps standard domain (non-upgraded), you can request that it be upgraded here:



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