How do I create activities with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)?

LTI specification establishes a way to integrate external learning applications, like Turnitin and ALEKS, with Echo

In order to create activities with LTI, the LTI service must provide you with:

  • The website to which you should point the activity.
  • An LTI Key. If the LTI is configured at the Domain, you don't need to use this here.
  • An LTI Secret. If the LTI is configured at the Domain, you don't need to use this here.

Add the activity

  1. Open the Course Editor using the Main Menu.
  2. Select the folder in which you want the activity to appear, click the plus sign, and choose Add New.
Add the activity
  1. Select Custom Activity from the Template dropdown.
  2. Give the activity a title and click Add and Edit.
  1. Click Choose Web Site... in the activity editor and provide the URL provided by the LTI service you're using.
  2. Click Advanced... in the bottom left corner of the window.
  1. Check the Digitally sign the request for LTI.
  2. Enter the Key and Secret provided by the LTI service you're using. If your LTI is configured at the Domain, you don't have to complete these fields.
  3. Click OK in the Choose Web-site address window and Done in the activity editor to save.

Configure the activity

Once you've created the assignment, click the Activities tool and open it. For some LTI services, like Turnitin, Echo opens the LTI service's dashboard where you can configure your assignment. If not, you can build the activity using the service's website and opening it here allows you to preview the activity.

Consult the LTI service's directions for activity creation.

Configure the activity

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  • Some LTIs, like Turnitin, don't trigger a notification when a student submits an assignment. To make sure you know when your students have submitted an LTI activity, create a companion activity in Echo that asks students to Mark this activity complete once they've submitted the LTI activity.
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