How do I create Peer Assessment activities?

Add the Peer Assessment

To add a Peer Assessment activity, simply follow these directions, choosing Peer Assessment from the Template dropdown.

Add the Peer Assessment

Configure the Peer Assessment

Once you've added a Peer Assessment to your course:

Give it a title

  • Click Add Rubric
  • Indicate whether you want to Allow self assessment for each student as part of the activity, and, if so, whether you want to Include self assessment in score calculations.
  • Indicate whether you want to Require student comments as part of the peer assessment.  
  • Indicate whether you want to Hide student feedback from their classmates; if you leave this box unchecked, students are able to see the scores and feedback provided by their peers. Either way, the activity includes a field where students can provide a private note for you.
  • Indicate whether you want to
    • Let students self group, in which case they choose group members when they open the activity.
    • Assign to course groups, in which case you can choose, Clone, or Edit existing course groups, or Add new ones.
Configure the Peer Assessment


  • If you want students to assess their peers' performance on a specific assignment, you can make access to the Peer Assessment activity dependent on their completing a that activity.
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