How do I update Domain URLs (userspace change)?

The following instructions will walk you through updating the Userspace/URL for your school's domain.  

CAUTION: Be very careful when updating the domain. Ensure you have the correct Domain ID and naming convention. TEST your changes!

This has to be timed very well with your school. Once you make this change, users will not be able to access Echo using the old URL.  We recommend working very closely with your school staff with times and dates for the change. You are responsible for notifying all users of this change.

Log into DLAP API Console

Log into DLAP API Console

In your browser, open the DLAP API tool >

  1. Log into the DLAP API Console using “userspace/username” (your own userspace and username) and your password
  2. A successful login will show the results below with your information

NOTE: To log into the API Console, you must have permissions in your role to edit the domain

Enter your Changes

Enter your Changes

Once you are logged in, enter the following information

  1. Set Method: POST
  2. Set Accepts:  XML
  3. Set Query-String: updatedomains
  4. Set Content Type: text/xml
  5. Post DATA : Copy, paste, and edit the following text into NotePad (or TextEdit on a Mac). Make sure to use plain text, as formatted text can prevent the query from running correctly.



<domain domainid="54087893" userspace="Humphrey"> </domain>


Replace the Domain ID with the ID for the domain you're changing.

Replace userspace with the new userspace name.

Paste the text into the POST Data field.

6.     Click "Send Request."


If the query ran correctly, you will see <response code="OK"> in the Result field.

Once completed, go back to your school domain and ensure it has been updated by logging in using the new userspace. Reach out to your Echo users letting them know the update is completed. Ensure this is communicated to all staff, students, and parents as they will need to use the new URL for logging into Echo.

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