How do I create domain-wide landing page content?

Easily create domain-wide landing page content that appears on the user's Home, and specify when and which roles see it

The content you create here appears above Course Cards on the users Home page.

To create landing page content:

  1. Open Settings in the Domain toolbar.
  1. Scroll down to Landing Content under Domain Options and click Add.
  2. In the landing content editor that appears you can do the following (from left to right):
    • Use the checkbox on the far left above Add to control whether or not the landing content you create is visible.
    • Use the app dropdown to control in which apps the landing content appears (Teacher, Student, or All).
    • Use the name field to give the content a name; it is automatically populated with the current domain title.
    • Use the dropdown next to the name field to choose how to create the landing content; you can:
      • Choose File to upload an html file.
      • Choose Text and click the pencil (edit) icon that appears to open a text editor and create the content in this window.
      • Choose URL to populate the content with an existing website.
    • Enter, in pixels, how tall you want the landing content to appear.
    • Set the landing content's placement priority to control where it appears in relationship to others when multiple landing content instances exist (lowest numbers appear on top).
    • Delete the landing content with the trash (delete) icon.
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