How do I import parent (Observer) accounts

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

Parent/Observer accounts are those with the permissions to "observe" other users. These permissions give the parent or a resource teacher the ability to track the students they are supporting.  

In Echo, the association between a student and a parent has two steps:

  1. Create new parent accounts  Use file attached: BulkParentCreation.xlsx
  2. Create the association between the existing parent and student accounts, so that the parent can "Observe" the student across all courses. Use the file attached: BulkObserverAssociation.xlx



Gather Information

  1. Student Echo Account:  The student account must already exist so that you can associate the parent with the account.  If the student account doesn't exist,  it will have to be created prior to creating the parent account.
  2. Student External ID: The parent bulk import file requires an External ID for the students that the parents will be associated with. This will be labeled as the "Observee External ID." Check that the External ID has been entered for each student. If not, run an account update to add the External IDs.  Note: External IDs are usually the student number provided by an SIS.
  3. Observee ID: If the student's External ID does not exist in Echo, and there are no plans to have an External ID to tie the student's records back to your SIS, you may use the Echo User ID.
  4. Parent Information: The following information is needed for the import file:  First Name, Last Name, Username (generated by you), Password, Email Address
  5. Save the file as .csv format.

NOTE:   If possible, export the information from your SIS.

Creating New Parent Accounts

Step 1: Import the File

Step 2: Import the File

Using the Domain tool in the Admin App:

  1. Click on the User Tool
  2. Click on Import, and browse to the file you created using the BulkParentCreation.xlsx template (make sure it is a .csv).
  3. Preview your file to make sure you are importing the correct information.  Notice that the "Observee External Id" is not shown.   It is not used at this point.
  4. Click on Import.

The resulting page will show any errors and display the number of rows imported.


  • If your file contains parents with more than one child, you will get a duplicate account error. The account is only created once, but you will have the External ID for each student.

Associating Existing Accounts

If parent and student accounts exist in Echo but have not been associated together, use the BulkObserverAssociation.xls file. You may need to collect parent information for students who are currently at your school and will be returning next year.  We recommend as a best practice to use a separate file for each graduating class. IMPORTANT: The file requires the student's External ID created by your SIS in order to run the association file.

Step 1: Bulk Create the Observer/Student Association

Step 3: Bulk Create the Observer/Student Association

Create the Import File

  • Using the attached BulkObserverAssociation file update each field with the following
  • Action: Add
  • Username: Parent's username
  • Observee External ID: External ID of Student
  • Observee ID:  (only if the External ID is not used; this is the Echo User ID)
  • Save as a .csv

Import the File

  1. Open the Domain Tool.
  2. Click on Import Observers from Settings (Three Dot's) on the right side page.
  3. Browse to the file you just created.
  4. Review your file.
  5. Click on Import.
  6. The students are now listed as observed users in the parent account, and the parents are now listed as observers for the student account.


Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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