How do I set up Essay questions?

Click on course editor and choose "Question Set"

Click on course editor and choose "Question Set"

Set up your Essay Question/Activity

  1. Click on the Activity Tab and Title your Essay Question
  2. You may choose to allow access to a calculator if appropriate
  3. Click Add in the Companion Material section to attach any supplemental documents students need to complete this question. You can do this by pointing to existing resources in the course or by uploading new files
Set up your Essay Question/Activity

Create Questions

  1. Click on the "Questions" tab
  2. Choose "New Question" at the bottom of the page
Create Questions

From the drop down menu choose "Essay"

  1. Enter the question in the first field as you want it displayed to students.
  2. Enter an Example Answer that appears for students when the question is graded.
  3. If you want to provide feedback, use the dropdown to choose from the following types:

When answer is correct

When answer is incorrect


When condition is true; this option allows you to set up conditions beyond the three provided here. It requires you to specify a group and a condition (contact support for additional assistance).

4.  Enter the desired feedback in the field next to the speech bubble icon.

5.  Click Add question feedback to create additional feedback.

From the Properties section on the right, you can:

  • Specify the number of lines you want to provide students in the Height field.
  • (Passage is an Advanced Feature: documentation coming soon. You can leave the field blank without impacting your content.)
  • Place the question in a specific Question group.
  • Provide a Custom question definition (contact support for additional assistance).
  • Find the unique question ID that Echo automatically assigns.

Data Tab

Here you can add a thumbnail file to your question set

You can also tag it as a CRA or IAKT activity

Objectives Tab

Use the Objectives section to review and align objectives with the question:

  • Use the dropdown to limit the displayed objectives to those that are created in the Course, to those inherited from the Parent, or to only the Selected objectives. Any selected objective remains in the list for all three settings.
  • Check the boxes next to objectives to align them with the question. This makes it possible to set up Formative and Remediation assessments.
Objectives Tab


Use the Score section to:

  1. Set the due date
  2. Allow late submissions
  3. Specify how many Points the question is worth.

Navigation Tab

  1. Set student visibility options
  2. Choose Completion method
  3. Assign badges
  4. Move to different folder
  5. Save


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