How do I review and grade Peer Assessment activities?




  • Dina Mahmood

    Do you have to individually click on every student's assignment to auto average or is there a way to auto average and publish for the entire grade book (like it did in Classic Echo)? 

  • Kala Gabler

    I have the exact same question! Such a hassle to click on every single kid and click that "average scores" button. Can we please make a feature where we "average scores for all"

  • Theresa Shafer

    I do think that is the way the current system works. I am happy to put this in as a feature request.  Thanks so much for your input!

  • Kala Gabler

    Another question, What do the asterisks(*) mean in the "Avg Received" Column? 

  • Colin Grindall

    Any advice on how to grade a student if another student in a group did not grade?

  • Kala Gabler

    We usually just call in or email the student that didn't grade and ask them to make it up during lunch or before/after school. 

    Or you could just draw up a quick paper copy and have a different student grade the peer.

  • Theresa Shafer

    @Kala It is that same as the “assessment” type … it means that the percent score is being applied equally to all the outcome categories that have points possible.


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