How do I add Standards Sets to my Domain?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

Agilix gets it’s native standards sets from the Achievement Standards Network (ASN). Echo is updated every 2 months (6 times a year) based on ASN’s data. It is not clear how frequently ASN standards get updated. Any errors in the state standards, Common Core, or NGSS originate at their source.

Schools that wish to add their own standards to their Echo Domain can do so.   The work required involves organizing the categories with the objectives into a spreadsheet.

Create an Import File

Open the attached template (located at the bottom of the article). The column headers are the required fields.  

  • ID - In this field enter the hierarchy of the Categories and the subcategories - Generally there is a numbering system that is used
  • Title - Enter the description of the category.  This could be the skills that are to be mastered
  • Subject - Title of Category
  • Grades - What grade levels will this be applied to?    This is entered as a hexadecimal number.   See the instructions below for the values
  • GUID - This is the unique identifier for the standard.   We will use a GUID generator to get the values
  • Parent - This is used to place specific standards under a category
Create an Import File

Below is how the ISTE Standards for Students is organized

  1. ID  - Determine a code for the category and the objectives that live in that category.  In this case the ID was ISTE-CI (Short for  ISTE - Creativity and Innovation) This is the Main category (Parent) under which there are 4 objectives
  2. ID -  enter the code/numbering for the objectives under the Main Category.  In this case ".a, .b, .c etc" were used.  But you can use any system that you like.
  3. Title - Enter title for the Main Category (Parent), and on the next lines enter the objective (usually the desired student behavior)
  4. Subject - enter the Category Title for the Main Category for the parent and all the Objective under it.


NOTE:    All Standard sets are organized differently.  You will need to determine the best way to organize them for your particular set of standards.

Add the Grade ID

Enter one of the following values for the grade levels that are applicable:

  • K-12     Enter   32764
  • K-5       Enter   252
  • 6-8       Enter   1792
  • 9-12     Enter   30720

If you need a single grade level or another combination on grade levels, open the attached document

Add the Grade ID

Generate GUIDs

Each category or objective needs its own unique identifier.  Use an Online GUID generator to get these numbers.  

Online GUID Generator

  1. Enter the number of GUIDs that you need (one per line in your spreadsheet)
  2. Include the hyphens
  3. Click on Generate some GUIDs!
  4. Copy the contents of this field and paste in your spreadsheet under GUID


Generate GUIDs


In order for the Objectives to show user a category, you will need to identify the Parent of the Main Categories

  1. Give the Parent a GUID of 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000   (Red is just for demonstration purposes only)
  2. Paste the GUID for this Category into all the objectives under it
  3. Repeat for each parent

SAVE as a .csv file.


Example file

Create a New Objective Set

  1. Select the Objectives Tool
  2. Click on Add [plus sign]
Create a New Objective Set
  1. Title -  name the Objective Set (example:  ISTE Standards for Students, AP Framework for Physics)
  2. Owner - Recommend that you use a District Name or a School Name. This value will be added into the Course Option under domain settings, Learning Standards
  3. External ID - optional
  4. Inherit - if you are entering these standards at the district level and would all the schools to have access to them
  5. Save

Import your File

Click on the Objective Set ID to import your standards

Import your File

Objectives import

  • Click on the List tab
  • Select the item and click Import
  • Browse to your file and then click on Import.

There are no limits to the number of Objective Sets that can be added.

Edit Settings

After importing the standard file, edit the domain settings and add the new Learning Standard.

Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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