Activity Descriptions and how to add them

Item Types

Embed Code: The "embed code" is a block of HTML which is embedded in the page-source. It needs to be obtained from a site already hosting whatever is being embedded, because the "embed code" points back to that site.

File Attachment: An attachment can be a picture, a word document, a movie, a sound file, an excel document, or any other file that requires another program to open it.

Google Drive Document: Link to a Google Drive document.

Rich-Text Activity: Create an activity with a simple "what you see is what you get" (wysiwyg) editor, it includes fonts, bulleting, alignment, hyperlinks, images and an equation editor.

Website Link: Link a URL and have the option to open in a new window.

YouTube Video: Add a YouTube URL or ID and the video will play right inside of Echo.

Assessment: Assessments can be used within Echo to assess any standard, objective or learning outcome within a course. With a wide variety of settings, personalize each assessment created in a course to match course content and student needs.

Assignment: A description of an activity to be done, but is not directly done within Echo.

Blog: Students share their knowledge, thoughts & opinions in a "public" space. Peers can view blog posts.

Discussion: Course discussions are focused conversation threads. All course members can add to the thread.

Journal: A journal is a space for students to do writing at anytime or when assigned by the teacher. Only the authoring student, teacher and student's parent/observer can access journal writings.

Peer Assessment: An activity students can use to evaluate classmates' performance using a rubric provided the teacher.

Practice Questions: Gradable, question-based activities that use questions you create and/or link to question banks. This activity is similar to assessments, but, unlike assessments, students can submit, review, and retake each question at a time. For instant feedback, this activity should only contain automatically graded questions.

RSS Feed: RSS Feed activities compile and summarize content associated with a specific subject or website. Course authors build RSS Feeds by linking to existing RSS Feeds that students can access directly in Echo.

Wiki: Course Wikis are collaborative writing exercises which can be edited by the teacher and all students in a course. All members can also see a history of revisions and who made them.

Project: Begin here when creating a new project or begin creating project with the course editor.

Project Wizard: Not meant for New Tech Network schools, avoid use of this item. We create projects beginning with the course editor.

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