How do I manage Course Settings?

Echo is designed to meet the needs of a variety of course types.  Teachers can build self-paced courses, traditional teacher-centered courses, or highly differentiated PBL courses. The course settings allow the teacher to customize their course features to meet nearly every context.

To access the course settings control panels:

Click the pencil icon on the course card to open the Course Editor tool.

From upper menu bar in the Course Editor tool, click the wrench icon to open the Settings menu.

Select "Course Settings.

Course Setting Control Panels

The main settings panel has several properties that you can customize:

  • Course Title
  • Course Thumbnail  (Ideal image size is 500x500 px.  Echo will resize as needed.)
  • Course Term
  • Course Start and End Dates
    (Note that course enrollment dates control when a course becomes visible in the Echo workspace. This setting only provides a default start and end date for new enrollments)
  • Continuous Course Option (An option for course where students can enroll and complete at their own pace.  Activity due dates are disabled in continuous courses)
  • Agenda Option (Allows teachers to post daily information about course activities)
NOTE:  Some of the control panels below may be turned off in the domain and not visible.  The Echo Administrator can enable them if needed.

The Gradebook Options control panel allows teachers to:

  • set the minimum score required to pass the course
  • select or customize a grading scale
  • select how the current/final grade will be displayed to students (note that the "percent" option is selected by default when the Multi-Outcome scoring gradebook is enabled)

The Multi-Outcome Scoring settings panel allows the teacher to enable the multi-outcome scoring gradebook (MOS).  The MOS gradebook is essential for courses that use project based learning and other deeper learning practices.  To learn more about configuring the multi-outcome gradebook, click here.

Grading Categories settings panel allow teachers to classify assignments by defined types.  In general, grading categories are not used if the multi-outcome scoring gradebook is enabled.

The Grading Periods settings panel allows teachers to divide courses into weighted components. For example, some districts require that the semester final grade is based on 40% first quarter, 40% second quarter, and 20% final exam. Echo Admins configure grading periods for the school at a domain level; teachers should not modify the grading periods except for the weights. For more information on grading periods, click here.

The Advanced Options settings panel has three options:

  1. Allow students to see how they are doing compared to class statistics
  2. Hide the progress bar displayed on the student's course card (recommended for most courses unless all content is finalized and visible at the start of the course).
  3. Assign a zero score to assignments that have not been submitted before the due date has passed.

The Grade Scales settings panel allows teachers to customize the grading scale used in the course.

The Student Tasks settings panal enables an advanced feature that allows for higher degrees of personalization in the course by allowing students to have more control over how they learn.  To learn more about Echo's student task feature, click here.

The Badges settings panel enables teachers to configure the course to assign a badge when the student successfully completes a course.  For more on Echo's badges feature, click here.

The Enrollment Completion settings panel allows teacher to determine when a student's enrollment in a course will change from "active" to "completed".

The Variables settings panel is an advanced feature that allows teachers to create custom fields that can be used to further classify or organize course activities.  Course authors can give the variable a name and define the possible values for the field.  This feature is seldom used by classroom teachers.

In continuous courses, Echo will suggest due dates based on the number of assignments and the enrollment start and end dates.  The Blackout Dates settings panel allows teacher to identify dates that the system will avoid for suggested due dates (i.e. holidays).

The Publisher Options settings panel allow content providers to control their curriculum.  These options are seldom used by classroom teachers.



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.



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