How do I set up Multiple Answer questions?

From a list of possible answers, ask students to identify all that are correct. Multiple answer questions can be added to assessments activities.

Follow the directions, below.



  1. Enter the question in the first field as you want it displayed to students.
  2. Enter all the answer options; check the boxes next to correct answers.
  3. Create feedback that is specific to answer options by clicking the speech bubble icon and entering feedback in the field that appears below the answer option.
  4. If you want to provide feedback for the entire question, use the dropdown to choose from the following types:
    • When answer is correct
    • When answer is incorrect
    • Always
    • When condition is true; this option allows you to set up conditions beyond the three provided here. It requires you to specify a group and a condition (contact support for additional assistance).
  5. Enter the desired feedback in the field next to the speech bubble icon.
  6. Click Add question feedback to create additional feedback.
  7. This section pictures and explains the default Visual editor; select Text to create and edit questions with the advanced Text editor.


From the Properties section on the right, you can:

  • Indicate how you want the answer option Labels to appear.
  • Choose to Maintain response order as you've entered them or to randomize the order of answer options.
  • Check Display workspace to give students a rich text editor where they can record their notes and processes as they work on the question.
  • Assign a Passage to this question.
  • Place the question in a specific Question group.
  • Provide a Custom question definition (contact support for additional assistance).
  • Find the unique question ID that Echo automatically assigns.


Use the Objectives section to review and align objectives with the question:

  • Use the dropdown to limit the displayed objectives to those that are created in the Course, to those inherited from the Parent, or to only the Selected objectives. Any selected objective remains in the list for all three settings.
  • Check the boxes next to objectives to align them with the question. This makes it possible to set up Formative and Remediation assessments.


Use the Score section to:

  • Specify how many Points the question is worth.
  • Indicate if you'd like students to receive Partial credit for partially correct answers, and whether you want to Round that partial credit to whole numbers or not.In the case where a student selects a correct and an incorrect option, the incorrect option negates the correct. If the student just selects one of the two correct answers without selecting an incorrect one, they would get one point." ( We do not recommend using partial credit for this type of question)
  • Indicate if you want the question to count as Extra credit.




With the Variables section you can create a range or list of variables for use in the question. ( most people will skip this)



Check the appropriate box(es) to provide students with one or more of the following calculators to use with this question:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Scientific

Companion Material

Click Add in the Companion Material section to attach any supplemental documents students need to complete this question. You can do this by pointing to existing resources in the course or by uploading new files.

Companion Material
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