How do I set up Multiple Answer questions?

From a list of possible answers, ask students to identify all that are correct. Multiple answer questions can be added to Assessment activities.

Follow the directions below.


Click on the Questions tab in Activity Settings.

Choose "Multiple Answer" under the question Type dropdown.

Question content


  1. Specify how many Points the question is worth
  2. Enter the question as you want it displayed to students
  3. Enter the answer options in the fields below. Check the box next to the answer option(s) that are correct
  4. Use the answer option side menus to:
  • Remove the option.
  • Lock the options position in the list.
  • Create feedback for students to see when they choose that specific option.

5. Click Add answer to create new answer options


Click Add feedback to create various types of feedback. Choose the feedback type from the dropdown and enter the desired content in the field below. You can choose:

  1. Feedback for When answer is correct
  2. Feedback for When answer is incorrect
  3. Feedback that is Always delivered
  4. Custom feedback for questions from specific Groups and/or when a specific Condition is met. This option allows you to set up conditions.


To manage the question's Interaction:

  • Indicate how you want the answer options labeled
  • Check the Maintain response order box if you want the answer options to always appear as you entered them
  • Check Display workspace to give students a rich text editor where they can record their notes and processes as they work on the question

Objective Mastery

Click Choose objective in the Objective mastery card to review and align the question with objective(s). Once you've clicked it, you can use the Filter field to search for and select specific objectives.


Use the Score card to indicate:

  1. If you want to allow for Partial credit
    • And, if so, if you want to automatically Round the score
  2. If you want the question to count as Extra credit


With the Variables section you can create a range or list of variables for use in the question.


Check the appropriate box(es) to provide students with one or more of the following calculators to use with this question (Basic, Standard, or Scientific). This can also be specified for the entire activity with the Assessment activity editor.

Companion Material


Click Add material in Companion Material to attach any supplemental documents students need to complete this question. You can do this by:

  1. Pointing to existing resources in the course.
  2. Uploading new files (PDFs only).




Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date. If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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