How do I create a course Landing Page?

The Landing Page is what students and parents/observers can read when they first click on your course. This is a great place to put your class/school mission statement, classroom information and contact info for parents.


From the homepage click on the course that needs landing page content added to it.


Click on the "Tools" icon located in the top tool bar.


From the drop down menu click "Landing page".


Within the Landing page editor one can:

  • Add rich text
  • Change font, size and color
  • Add a link, image, video and embed code

When finished adding content click "Save"

Note: If landing page content is added to a master course, it will show as landing page content in derivatives as well.


To view landing page content as a student would see it, click "Home" from the main menu.


Click on the course that has landing page content.


Now landing page content previously added is visible.



Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.



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