How do I find my past courses in the Digital Library?

If you used the original version of Echo, all of your course content from the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school year has been migrated to your school's digital library in the new Echo.  

This is also where you find past courses.

To browse to your old course and copy the projects into your new course follow these steps.

Create a new course

You MUST create a new course, the migrated content from Echo Classic is not fully enabled.

Follow the steps to create a new course.  Name it the same as the Echo Classic Course you are going to add from the Digital Library.  You can change the course name later if you want to.

Click on the  + button that says "Add to .

Click on the  + button that says "Add to <your course name>.

Click on the Library button.

Click on the Library button.

Find your school's collection

Scroll down the list of Libraries to find the collection for your school and click to open it.

Find your school's collection

Find your courses

Find your old course by scrolling through the list of courses.  Courses from the 2014-2015 are labeled 2015 and courses from the 2015-2016 school year are labeled 2016.  Your name should also appear in the course title. Double-click to open the course.

Find your courses

Select the project you wish to copy

Once inside a course, you should see all of your projects.  When you find a project you want to copy, use the "select all" button to select it and then click the "Copy Activity" button at the bottom.  

Note: the copy feature has size limits so it's a good practice to select 2-3 projects at a time rather than trying to copy your entire course at once.  The item(s) should now appear in your course syllabus.

Select the project you wish to copy

Check Visibility after migrating your projects

Items come over from Echo Classic with the visibility settings set so that students can't see the items.

Check each folder's visibility setting and each item's .  

You can check who the the items are visibile to under the Navigation Tab.


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