How do I Update User Information?

Note: This document references views and actions that are only available to Echo Administrators

Often it is necessary to update user information for multiple accounts in Echo.  Start with exporting your data from Echo. This gives you the the template to use for updating and importing back into Echo.

Note: When updating the username, you must use the UserID (EchoID) to ensure a correct match.


Step 1. Create your import File

Start by exporting your user data via the Echo Admin Console: How do I export user data?

This will become your template file for the import.


Mandatory fields are: Action, User ID or Username and any information that needs to be changed.  

  • Action - (Mandatory) Enter either EDIT or DELETE
  • UserID - (Mandatory) This is the Echo unique identifier for the account.  It is the ID that was created when the account was created.
  • Username - (Mandatory) Can be used as the unique identifier, unless this is the field that you are changing, then the UserID is Mandatory
  • External ID - Remove unless you are changing (Recommend field for all users. Data from SIS)
  • Last Name - Remove unless you are changing
  • First Name - Remove unless you are changing
  • Email - Remove unless you are changing
  • Userspace - Remove unless you are changing, or if you are updating outside your domain you must include to identify where the user account is located
  • Status - Remove unless you are changing
  • Echo User Type - (Mandatory) Remove unless you are changing (Valid values: Parent, Staff, Student,TestAccount)
  • Echo Grad Year - Remove unless you are changing
  • Echo IEP - Remove unless you are changing (Yes or No)

 Save your file as a .csv


  • User ID is generated after the import of New users
  • External ID is generated by your SIS
  • Userspace is required if you are loading students across multiple domains


Step 2. Import File

User the  Admin App select the User tool. From the vertical menu click on Import

Import File

Browse to the file that need to import and click Next.

The number of rows successfully imported will be denoted, or indicate errors for correction.


Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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    Mike Koepke

    I downloaded the new UserBulkUpdatev2.csv file. Modified it and populated it and the saved it again as a .csv. The import said it worked, but...

    On my test I used an actual Echo student and the Grad Year did not apply to his Echo account. IEP did though. (I have modified the last name for student privacy.) I tried it with both Edit & EDIT.


    Edited by Mike Koepke
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    Mike Koepke

    New template works great!!!! Thanks for fixing it Echo Support!


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