How do I use the School Browser Tool?

The School Browser allows any staff member to browse course agendas, course content, student grades, CRAs, IAKTS, and more within their school.  Need to find out if a student is struggling in more than just your course?  Use the School Browser to see how that student is doing in all of their courses.  Want to know if your project culminating event conflicts with another course?  Use the School Browser to check out the agendas and calendars of other courses on campus.

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Note: This browser caches data. Once the data has been populated, you will need to click the refresh data button in the top right corner to view any changes that have been made since you first opened the browser that day. In addition, all users, especially students, must has a valid Echo User Type of Student in order to display in the school browser. If a student is not displaying, please check this value.

The School Browser Tool

From the Main Nav Menu select the School Browser Tool.

The School Browser Tool

You may browse by:

  • Projects
  • Courses & Agendas
  • Students & Enrollments

Note:  Please let the browser fully load before clicking to a different tab.


Browse by:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Active Projects
  4. Projects ending within a week
  5. Click Project Title or Course to sort alphabetically
  6. Filter using search terms

Courses & Agendas

  1. Course Title
  2. With Agenda or No agenda, select the agendas you want to view by date
  3. You may also sort by the column headers
  4. Check the course calendar
  5. Check the gradebook
  6. Check course reports
  7. This red dot is indicates the number of active students with a performance level of not passing

Clicking on the course title or on the calendar, gradebook or report icons will take you directly to those items.


Courses & Agendas

Students & Enrollments

  1. Type in a student's name (Filter Students)
  2. Filter by performance indicator*
  3. Filter by Grad Year
  4. Filter by IEP flag
  5. Filter by domain wide grading periods (Note: only courses that are using domain grading periods will appear in the School Browser)
  6. Export Data
  7. You can sort each of the column headers alphabetically/numerically

Toggle open individual students

Click on the small triangle next to the student's name to take a deeper dive into the student's current course work.

Toggle open individual students

*Performance Indicators

Notice the red, yellow and green dots in the school browser.  Those are performance indicators.  

If the current student grade (percent) is below the passing score limit (set in the course settings), the indicator will be red.  If the current student grade is less than 25% bigger than passing score limit, the indicator will be yellow.  If the current student grade is more than 25% bigger than the passing score limit, the indicator will be green.

 So, if the passing score is 70% (which is the default), the cutoff for yellow would be 87%.   Most teachers would likely set the passing score of 60% which would result in the cut off for yellow being 75%


  1. Filter items via search terms
  2. View by due date
  3. Export data
  4. Columns are sortable

Toggle open the item to view








Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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