How do I use groups for differentiation with activities?

Vary settings (due dates, grade weights, etc) between groups

Once your groups are created, you can configure activity settings to meet each group's specific needs and to establish group-driven staggered schedules.

Specify groups in the activity editor

Before designating a task/activity as a group assignment, group sets must be created in the course. See how to create groups here.


1. When editing an activity, click on the Settings tab.

2. Click on the "Filter by Group" icon (the circle with three dots icon) in the top right hand corner.

This will bring up a dropdown that displays all group subsets. Click on a group subset to be selected.

A popup window will appear to confirm settings if configuring options for more than one subset. Click Continue.

Now the group subset selected is listed in the "filter by group" icon. Use this to keep track of which subset settings are being edited. Now whichever activity settings are configured (outcome points possible, due dates, visibility settings, etc.), are set to ONLY that particular subset.

Use the "filter by group" icon to switch between other subsets to make adjustments to the activity for each subset. Be sure to click "Save" in the top righthand corner when edits are completed.






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