How do I create custom groups

You don't have to use the group generator to create groups.  You can also create custom groups.  This can be very useful in grouping students around things like reading level or personal interests for differentiation or personalization.

To Create A Custom Group

  1. Open the “Students” tool
  2. Click the “Groups” button in the upper menu
To Create A Custom Group
  1. Click “New Group Set” in the upper menu
  2. The group generator tool will pop up.  Click the cancel button to manually generate a custom group set.
  1. Give the group set a name (i.e. “Reading Level”)
  2. Click the “Add Group” button.  This will create a new column.  Give the group a name using the edit button ( pencil icon). Repeat for the number of groups you desire (i.e. “At Grade Level”, “Above Grade Level”).
  3. To assign students to a group, simply click into the appropriate column in the same row as their name.  This will create a green check mark to designate what group each student is in.  To move a student into another group, just click in the column you want to move the student to.
  4. Click “Save” when done.


  • You can sort the list by clicking the column header.
  • You can create group sets with just one group and a set of students.  Group sets don’t require that everyone is in a group.  In some cases, however, it might work better to create at least two groups, the first with the students you want to select and the other for everyone else in the class.
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