Common Gradebook Errors

Here area some common issues that teachers run into while grading and how to fix them.




Why does my gradebook show a different score than what my students see?

If the teacher gradebook does not match a student's gradebook, most likely a grade has not been returned to the student (denoted by a yellow pushpin icon in the teacher gradebook). This represents a pending score if a grade was saved but not published yet.

In the teacher gradebook, look at either the overall Students page or the affected student's individual grade page to find the assignment with the pending score.

The Students tab in the gradebook shows the current score the student sees and the pending score in brackets.

The student's individual grade page displays the pending score in brackets next to the overall course score, and denotes the pending grade in the Status column of an assignment.

To match the two gradebooks, publish the score for the activity in the grade editor.

Why does a student have a 0 for the whole course?

If a student's score now shows 0% for the entire course, they are not passing an activity that is configured to require a passing score in order to receive course credit.

In activity settings under the Advanced Gradebook Options section is the checkbox "require a passing score for course credit." If a student does not pass the assignment, they receive a 0 for the whole course.

The easiest way to find this activity is to view the student's individual gradebook page and scroll to the assignment that has a red thumbs down icon next to the activity name. This denotes that this an assignment that requires a passing score, and that the student has failed (the icon would be a green thumbs up if they passed).

To fix this, allow the student to retry the assignment until they receive a passing score.

I've graded all assignments, but why do my students still not see any scores?

Generally if students cannot see any grades, the course settings are the culprit. Make sure the grading category for "include", if weighted, is weighted at 100%.

If a grading category that is used is weighted at 0%, all scores are weighed at 0% so students do not see any scores. Change this to 100% and save.

Another reason that students may not be seeing scores is if your Echo Administrator has set up domain-wide grading periods and your course is not yet configured with the new grading periods. See this article for more information:

How do I align existing courses to new domain terms and grading periods?

Why are assignments disappearing from the gradebook or syllabus?

Here are some reasons why an activity may be missing from the gradebook or syllabus:

  • Visibility settings were changed so that the assignment is no longer accessible by the student. This removes the item from the gradebook. While editing the activity, make sure the visibility and access setting is set to “teachers, students and observers”
  • The assignment was deleted. Check the “recycle bin” in the course editor settings to see if the item is there, and restore if needed. If the item is tied to a master course that another teacher has access to, it's also possible that the other teacher deleted or modified the item in the master and removed it from view in a derivative
  • The activity was being moved in the course editor and was accidentally moved into another folder. Expand folders to look for it, or use the Activity List to search for where it lives.




Echo is constantly being improved based on the feedback from users and we strive to keep our documentation up to date.  If this document doesn’t match what you are seeing in Echo, please let us know.

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